Thinking You’re Late to The Crypto Game? Think Again. Mark Zuckerberg Crypto Thing is Just About to Start

You are IN or OUT but dont be the last one.Remember, Mike Tyson was into crypto waaay before Mark Zuckerberg. 

Hey world, #blockchain and crypto crowd. Facebook is coming.
This time, founder and creator of one of the world's most popular social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also gave green signals to the revolutionary technology of the century , cryptocurrency

Mark Zuckerberg Crypto BTC

Crypto World is much excited but Hold on ... pause  

Why so late Mark Zuckerberg ? 

Is the vision of Chris Larsen motivate him to such a big shift ? 

The newly Richy Rich Chris, cofounder, executive chairman, and former CEO of the crypto company Ripple, became the world’s fifth wealthiest person passes Google and Oracle Founders. 

Mark Zuckerberg Cryptocurrency

Are the the Winklevoss twins the reason that Zuck is going to integrate Cryptocurrency with Facebook ?

We might remember Winklevoss twin brothers from The Social Network 2010.They sued Mark Zucker years ago. They are now the world’s first bitcoin billionaires, handsome, enormous, capitalists and entrepreneurs. 

Mark Zuckerberg Crypto world

What could be the driving force for Mark but one thing is for sure that it would be a BBiiiggg game changer. 

A solution to fake news? To lack of trust? Decentralisation is Mark's 2018 goal, in 2016 it was AI.  Ignore prices, this is THE news rightly explained by Simon Taylor Fintech Bitcoin and Blockchain geek

Crypto-currencies are becoming stronger in the everyday life of people. Founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that in his brainchild there may be an opportunity to pay crypto currency.

With the popularity and course of bitcoin, world leaders began to pay more attention to crypto-currencies. Here is Mark's Facebook status snippet: 

Mark Zuckerberg Crypto BTC

In his statement, Mark supported the use of crypto-currencies in the modern world. He called them a counter-trend along with encryption of information. Practically it helps the people to gain more and more power. Accordingly, bitcoins and other currencies take away the monopolists' ability to dictate their terms on the market.

The billionaire also did not rule out the option, in which the use of crypto currency will begin in his social network. He is interested in this topic, and he wants to learn more about it, to take root in its features. Earlier it was reported that Facebook almost managed to create artificial intelligence. Due to the fact that computers began to communicate among themselves in an unknown language, the program had to be closed.

Also, it was recently reported that experts predict a strong depreciation of bitcoin. This can happen if the currency is not used in most online stores.


It seems mandatory now for the big tech guns to accept Crypto or Blockchain.
Now the important question:  Is Mark Zuckerberg working on #FacebookCoin or planning on buying one of these crypto-currencies. #bitcoin #ReddCoin RDD ? Please chare your insight in the comment below. Thanks :-)

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