Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What is Currently Happening in Crypto ? Crypto is Crashing ? Nah There is a Good News

Crypto is crashing, it seems like the end is near, but it is NOT, here's why from a survivor the 2014 btc apocalypse:

Did you know that there is only 20% of bitcoin left to be mined ? What does that even mean? keep that in mind, will come back for it later.

Bitcoin is the renowned GodFather of all the cryptos. Whether we like bitcoin or not, we all have to admit that its position affects all or most of the altcoins and the crypto market as a whole.

Crypto Future Trend

What is currently happening right now is very normal in ANY stock market, not just crypto. Since the release of the Bitcoin Futures, market manipulations have skyrocketed. Big names on the market bought some futures for Jan and Feb and want to cash out big while they can. In other word, they want to double dip : Buy future that bitcoin will drop ==> sell huge amounts of btc and drive negative media stories about taxation, police crackdowns, etc ==> buy btc low. In short, Bitcoin Futures were the Key-pass that Wall St was waiting for to get a piece of the cake and control the BTC Market.

Crypto Coin News update

Back to the 20% mining, this is a fact, and unless the number of BTC is increased, this will mean that the BTC miners will be going downhill very soon. The 20% can be reached within a year or two based on the current volume and expected growth in the mining community.

Crypto BTC news

NOW for the good news ! Close your eyes and imagine the day when BTC reach its limits. No more BTC available for Mining. Unless the crypto market litterally disappear, BTC will be worth way over 100k. Simple, supply (low) and demand (high) market.

Do you think believe BTC will reach that level, or ETH and other cryptos will take over the market and Bitcoin will become history ?

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