USB Optical Pen Mouse with Pen Stand for PC Computer Desktop

Lcyyo@ PR-03 Portable 2.4G Wireless Adjustable 800/1200/1600DPI USB Optical Pen Mouse with Pen Stand for PC Computer Desktop Notebook Laptop (Red)

This is an easy 5 star device 

I'am on my computer all the time at work and a lot at home. So as you might imagine, there are times when the strain gets to be a bit painful...but if I'm at work, that's just too bad. So I am always looking at different input devices which might at least provide a way of using my hand and wrist differently to reduce the overall strain. THEN this came along... and I'm really glad it did!!!

I thought this pen would be more of a novelty than anything else, but it was a good price and unique enough that I was hoping it would give me a break. Well, first, it was easy to get it working...I'm running Windows 10 on an HP All-In-One. I plugged in the USB receiver and it was instantly working! So, let's get to the pen itself...

So the pen itself...this is a very comfortable device to hold. Its slim and light, but there's enough weight at the tip to give it a solid feeling in your hand. The controls are amazingly intuitive! I just had to figure out where the right button was and everything else was great! Then, with that known, I wasn't even giving it a second thought. I really didn't expect that...I thought I'd be taking longer to get used to it.

I am really happy I purchased this and I would recommend it without hesitation.

Almost my favorite accessory. Haven't had it long enough to say absolute favorite but it is getting there. The cost is very reasonable. The build leaves a little to be desired.

I hate the mousepad on my laptop so I have tried almost every type of wireless mouse there is and even a wired one. They all leave me with a sore wrist. I am left handed so that is even worse. Anyway this was delivered a couple of days ago and so far it has been great.

The shape is as pictured, kind of like a flat pencil or pen. Very light weight, which is one of the things I would change and add a little weight to make it more like a pen. The buttons are well placed and as a "Leftie" I have no problems with the buttons. The stand is shaped like a whale and takes up very little space.

As advertised it uses 1 AAA battery. For how long? can only guess. If anything changes I will update this but as it is I would buy it again and would recommend it to my friends.

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