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In 2030, 52% of the world's data will be stored in a public cloud, according to the forecast of VMware

More than 50% of IT budget spending in the world last year for the first time in history had to cloud resources, according to Gartner.

Senior Vice President of Google Diane Green proclaimed 2016 the beginning of the era of "Cloud 2.0". The largest deal of the year in IT is the acquisition for $ 67 billion by Dell Corporation of EMC, the most profitable asset of which is the world's largest developer of virtualization software for VMware.Cloud data center networks technologies trends and challenges By 2018, according to the forecast of Cisco, cloud data centers will handle 78% of all workloads, and 59% of the total cloud load will be the SaaS segment (software as a service). Analysts of Deloitte and TechRepublic regularly point out "cloud" technologies among the directions of the IT market, in which the largest companies will invest most actively in the coming years.

Cloud Big Data Technologies Reviews


Gartner regularly conducts an audit of emerging technologies to determine which of the popular trends may never reach the "maturity cycle", and which - have already overcome all the growing ills and enter a development phase that involves the formation of a new market. "Cloud" technology Gartner attributed to the second group already in 2015: although computing in the cloud has long been not exotic, their age is just beginning.

"We constantly have to revise the estimates upwards. The market is growing faster than we expected back in 2014, "said Dave Bartoletti, an analyst at Forrester Research . According to the forecast of this company, in 2017, the world market of cloud technologies will grow by 22%, to $ 146 billion. For comparison: in 2015, the estimate of Forrester was $ 87 billion, and the forecast for 2020 was $ 236 billion. Segment IaaS (lease infrastructure) in 2017 will grow by 35%, to $ 32 billion. The revenue of the largest player in the segment of the Amazon Web Services division will reach $ 13 billion. It will grow by 2-3 times less on the cloud computing Microsoft Azure, to $ 1 billion - Google Cloud Platform, Forrester believes.

Cloud Big Data Technologies Reviews

The Russian market is still at an early stage of development, but is growing rapidly: the average annual increase to 2020 will be 34.3% and 20% for IaaS and SaaS, respectively, noted the research company iKS-Consulting. According to analysts, in 2015, the volume of the cloud technology market in the country grew by 39.6% compared to 2014, to 27.6 billion rubles, while 22.2 billion rubles. had on SaaS, 4.4 billion rubles. - on IaaS. Bloomberg calls the key trend, the "new norm" of the market in 2017 and the next few years, the transition of companies to a hybrid cloud: the business will no longer be locked into one provider by growing confidence in the clouds and will begin to diversify sources of resources for processing and storing data. Companies will build the process of obtaining additional resources from the cloud in a convenient and fastest way for them, while in what cloud these resources will be "allocated" at this particular moment in time, it does not matter. Gartner expects that by the end of 2017 up to 50% of cloud customers will prefer hybrids.

Why Cloud Technology is Needed ?

Cloud technology will be needed for a number of research areas where huge computing power is required. For example, for developments in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence . So, Google last year hired Professor Fay-Fei Lee, who headed the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford, into a division dedicated to the development of the cloud platform. One of the directions of "democratization" of research in the field of artificial intelligence, Lee, was just the creation of a cloud platform for machine learning.

Another direction is the provision of infrastructure with new robotics . The term "cloud robotics" as early as the beginning of 2010 was born in the depths of Google: it assumes that the "inherent function" of robots, which are increasingly used commercially, should be the ability to constantly access the processing power of data centers for decision-making. For example, an unmanned vehicle, delivering goods on a given route, while traveling on the road remotely reads the data of cartographic, geolocation and other services of the company-developer. The main problem of transition to the cloud infrastructure and, in general, the decentralization of IT functions in companies is security. 57% of companies say that the result of decentralization is the use of unsafe solutions, and 58% - that data protection control systems are insufficient, according to a survey of 3,300 specialists in large and medium-sized companies in 20 countries, conducted in 2016 by order of VMware.

The Development of Cloud Technologies

the construction of new data centers will inevitably require increased attention to cybersecurity, said a free-lance expert at IBM and Dell Kevin Jackson in an interview with Cloud Endure. According to his forecast, the companies will toughen the measures against cyber threats, increase the volume of security tests, improve technologies for secure access , including data encryption. According to a poll by Clutch, 64% of market players consider the cloud a more secure infrastructure. But the majority of respondents still develop a protective arsenal with the help of encryption (61% of respondents), additional identification technologies (52%) and additional tests of cloud systems (48%).

VMware last year agreed on cooperation in the field of data protection in software-defined data centers with Kaspersky Lab. According to Gartner, the budget for cloud cybersecurity in 2017 is ready to increase 80% of market players. At the same time, analysts advise companies to be especially sensitive to training of personnel responsible for communication with the cloud: more than half of the data leakage occurs not because of the vulnerabilities of the provider, but because of customers and their internal problems, states Gartner.


In Russia, 13% of companies have already experienced incidents related to the security of the cloud infrastructure, at least once a year, according to a poll by Kaspersky Lab. At the same time, about a third of companies (32%) lost data as a result of these incidents. But business does not take this threat seriously: only 27% of Russian companies believe that the security of their corporate network depends on the security of their virtual systems and cloud infrastructures. At the same time, more than 80% of cyberinchicants in the clouds will occur due to actions, or rather, the inactivity of the virtual machine owner in the cloud - incorrect configuration of information security solutions inside cloud computing machines, too simple passwords and the work of insiders.

But Russian companies are still more concerned about protecting external cloud services. They worry that incidents can occur with suppliers outsourced to business processes, third-party cloud services, or in the IT infrastructure where the company leases processing power. At the same time, only 15% of companies monitor compliance with security requirements for third parties.

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