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This Simple Grip Can Stop The Hackers | Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Two-step verification protects your accounts online, and is much easier than you think.

Are you afraid of being hacked online? Then the mobile you always carry with you can be the key to your security - literally.

How to prevent being hacked on your computer iphone and Android mobiles ?

The key word here is  two-step verification , a very simple approach that can greatly reduce the risk of others accessing the services you use the most online.

how to protect against criminal or unethical hackers

Huge damage

Whether it is e-mail, online banking, social media or other digital services, there are virtually no limits to how big the damage can be if wrong people get access to one (or more!) Of those accounts.

Just imagine if anyone should access your email. If they have control over this, they can effectively reset the passwords on any other service you use so they can effectively block you from your entire digital life.

Which includes everything from contacts, calendars, pictures stored in the cloud, Facebook networks, backups and so on

No longer just password

This can happen, for example, by using the same, weak passwords on many different websites, or that services are attacked so that users' private data ends up in the wrong hands.

And that's exactly where the two-step verification comes in: As the name suggests, this technique ensures that you need to take an extra step to verify your identity, beyond password entry (which  should be unique and strong anyway ).

Although someone else would get your password, they will not be able to log in without the other link, which in almost all cases involves your mobile.

Easy via mobile

Virtually the vast majority of major players you use online today, support two-step verification via the mobile phone. This can be done by sending you an SMS with a unique code, or that you download this code via a separate app - not unlike the process you probably already know from BankID.

Precisely because most of today's mobile phones are so well secured with personal codes, chances are that you are the one who confirms your identity via the mobile phone - and not someone unauthorized.

Several methods

This is also a process that over the years has become much easier, while an increasing number of online actors support and facilitate the extra security chain. Mostly, you also only need to double-check every 30 days so that it does not become a too cumbersome process on a daily basis.

Apple has its own system for this double verification. After activating the feature on your Apple ID (see fact box), each time you try to log in to a new device, you will need to enter a code served on the screen for an iPhone or iPad, for example.

Most of all, Google may have come. They have recently introduced a method where you can easily verify your identity at the touch of a button.

When you try to sign in to a Google service, just press the "yes" button that pops up on your mobile screen through the Google app.

This one is pre-installed on Android phones and can  be downloaded to the iPhone .

how to protect against unethical hackers

Own code app

At the same time, Google has a free app, Google Authenticator, that supports an open standard for security codes. 

With this app, you can serve unique and time-limited one-time codes from both Google and all other standard-supporting actors - including Facebook, Outlook, Skype, Dropbox, LastPass and many more.

Download Google Authenticator for Android or iPhone . There are also other options, such as Authy , which also allow you to back up all your cloud settings - which Google Authenticator does not do.

To enable two-step verification on your mobile:
Two-step verification is about adding an extra layer of protection to your online accounts beyond the classic password.

As a rule, this happens by having to enter a code that you get on your mobile screen. The process is also called 2-step verification, two-factor authentication and a variety of other variants.

To enable two-step verification on an iPhone with iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Go to  Settings> [your name]> Password and security
  • Select  Turn on two factor authentication
  • Press  Continue
  • You will then be asked to enter the mobile number you want to receive verification codes (possibly an automated call)
  • Press  Next and you will receive a code
  • Enter this code to verify your mobile number, and then turn on the  Factor Authentication
  • Read more at Apple

To enable two-step verification on Android:

  • Go to  Settings> Google
  • Touch  Login and Security (under "Security", if applicable, in the Google Account selection)
  • Select  2-step verification and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to sign in to your Google Account again
  • Read more at Google
This is how to protect yourself from hackers 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gyroscope Robot is on Sale now in Summer 2019


A miniature and very charming robotic gyrocomputer Loomo from Segway has got its own page on Indiegogo and promises to go on sale this spring - the shipment of the first parties is planned for May 2018.

Loomo is not an ordinary gyroscope, it's a full-fledged robot working on an AI platform. You can ride it, but it's not his only function. He is able to respond to commands, he can recognize faces, silhouettes and knows the command "for me", so if you're tired of driving, you can go on foot, having commanded Loomo to keep up and follow you on your own. The software developers collaborated with the creators of the autopilot for BMW, so the robogiroscourter can also "park" on its own.

Gyroscope Robot

Gyroscope Robot 2018

The kid can ride at speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour and will be useful for performing various tasks. For example, you can get him to work as a flyer or a video player.

Gyrobot reviews

Like most "smart" things, Loomo has its own application, which allows using a smartphone to move a robot, setting a route for it, watching the world with its eyes, voice phrases entered into the application, monitor people, and still shoot photos and videos using a robot. In addition, developers report that they will release a separate SDK for Android, so everyone can independently provide the robot with new features and tricks, and at the same time and tighten programming skills.

For now Loomo can be bought for 1299 dollars - so much will pay for it "early birds", who managed to buy robots from the first batch. For everyone else, the price will start at $ 1,799.

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