Buy Software Cheaper: Never Go For Official Price

Microsoft office
You don't have to spend a lot of money on software anyway, because there are plenty of free tools that do a great job. But sometimes it's not free. But anyone who buys software, whether Windows, Office, Photoshop or a virus scanner, should never pay the official manufacturer's price.
The first software that users have to pay for is usually Windows. Sure, if you buy a new PC or a new notebook, Windows is included, but you paid for it. If you have at least Windows 7, you can still update to Windows 10 for free. But when Windows licenses run out, you can buy for little money. However, only Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 come into question. You shouldn't be bothered by the fact that you usually only get a Windows key by email; the operating system itself can be conveniently obtained using the Windows ISO Downloader .

Buy Microsoft Office:

Full version: The bottom line is that buying the full version of Office 2016 saves money compared to subscribing to Office 365.
Full version: The bottom line is that buying the full version of Office 2016 saves money compared to subscribing to Office 365. Microsoft
With Microsoft Office, it is advisable to upgrade to the latest version if possible, that is Office 2016. Then you have to make a fundamental decision: If you want to buy a full version, ie pay for Office once and use it as long as it is supported or would like to You have a subscription that incurs annual costs but you always get the latest version of Office? Since an office suite is usually used for several years, the full version is the cheaper option. There are different editions of Office, for home users the versions Home & Student and Home & Business. The difference: Outlook is still included in Home & Business. You can also download the software for installing Office using the Windows ISO Downloader. The subscription versions of Microsoft Office operate under the names Office 365 Personal (1 license) and Office 365 Home (5 licenses).

Buy Virus Scanners
Test winner: Bitdefender Internet Security leads our leaderboard. Bitdefender
With virus scanners, you can also switch to free programs or simply stick to the built-in Windows Defender in Windows 10. Our tests show, however, that the purchase versions offer better protection overall. Today it is worthwhile for customers to use the so-called Internet Security Suites. They integrate a virus scanner as a protective component, but also offer additional modules such as firewalls, surf protection and more. Note that virus scanners are sold as annual subscriptions, so you need to renew virus protection every year.

Buy Backup Software
Can do more: paid backup programs such as Acronis True Image combine all important functions for data backup.
Can do more: paid backup programs such as Acronis True Image combine all the important functions for data backup.
There are also backup tools for free. The catch: the free programs do not offer the full range of functions. For example, they often only allow a complete backup of partitions or hard disks; there are then no backups based on this. In practice, however, both make sense, on the one hand to back up the entire system in an emergency and on the other hand to have a current backup of important user data quickly.

Buy software and always save
You can save a lot of money with software.For example in United Kingdom smart people use UK Discount Codes to buy expensive software at cheap price.Private users can stock up with a lot of free tools in our download area . But sometimes the point comes when you have to pay. But by no means the manufacturer's recommended retail price, because software often drops in price. You should take these huge discounts with you.

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