10 Best Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real World 2021

Examples of how artificial intelligence is applied in daily life

When you hear news about artificial intelligence (AI), your first reaction in most cases is that it has nothing to do with you, but is that really the case? Because in 2021 many people regard artificial intelligence as something that big technology giants only pay attention to, and it will not affect their current lives. But in fact, artificial intelligence will appear in all aspects of people's lives sooner or later, it's just a matter of time. To this end, the editor of this article summarizes the top ten best cases of applying artificial intelligence (AI) in daily life, as follows.

latest artificial intelligence applications

1. Use the facial recognition code to open the phone

I believe that a major habit of most people is that they will look at their mobile phones at the first sight when they wake up in the morning, and you must know that most of the mobile phones used by modern people are smart phones, so the unlocking method for such smart devices is biometric technology , Such as face recognition. In other words, everyone is using artificial intelligence technology to enable this feature every day. For example, the FaceID of an iPhone can be displayed in 3D. It illuminates your face and places 30,000 invisible infrared points on the face to capture facial image information. It then uses a machine learning algorithm to compare the facial scan with the stored content of the facial scan to determine whether the person trying to unlock the phone is the person. Apple said the chance of cheating FaceID is one in a million.

2. Social media

After unlocking the phone, what is the next step? According to the editor, most people will choose to check their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, INS, etc., to get the latest information about what happened overnight. Artificial intelligence not only works behind the scenes, allowing you to see personalized content in the feed (because it understands which types of posts resonate most with you based on past history), but it can also find suggestions from friends and identify And filtering fake news, using machine learning methods are working hard to prevent cyberbullying.

3. Send email or message

In today’s society, people have many ways to deliver messages. The more formal one should be mail delivery. For example, in most people’s lives and work, they need to send an e-mail almost every day and write In the process, there will be some typos, so at this time you need to activate tools such as grammar check and spell check to help check the writing errors in the email. And these tools use artificial intelligence and natural language processing. In addition, the filtering of spam is also applied to artificial intelligence technology. More importantly, antivirus software also uses machine learning to protect your email account.

4. Google search

When people encounter knowledge points that they don't understand, the most commonly used search engine should be Google and other similar search engines to find answers to related questions. However, it should be noted here that without the help of artificial intelligence, search engines cannot scan the entire Internet and provide what you want. At the same time, for those ads that appear in real time on the web, artificial intelligence is also used to start them, but most of these ads are based on your own search history, which can be "personalized" push, the purpose is to make you think that the algorithm Can put the items you value in front of your eyes.

5. Digital voice assistant

I believe that most people are familiar with the function of voice assistant, because it is a function of the smart phones that people use now. Through the application of voice assistant, we can understand what you want anytime, anywhere. Yes, such as basic time, weather, location, etc., of course, you can also communicate quickly (calling, texting). In short, these tools from Siri and Alexa to Google Home and Cortana all use natural language processing and AI-driven generators to return answers to you.

6. Smart home equipment

At the current pace of development, you will find that our home is becoming more and more "smart". A common manifestation is that many of us have "smart" thermostats in our homes, such as Nest, which can understand our heating/cooling preferences and daily habits so that we can adjust the temperature in time according to our own preferences to ensure that we can directly after returning home "Enjoy" the right temperature. There are also some smart refrigerators that can create a list for you based on what is not in the refrigerator and provide wines recommended for dinner. Of course, smart home appliances will continue to become more common.

7. Intelligent navigation

A major manifestation of artificial intelligence in our daily life should be to support travel aids. Here, it not only includes maps, Google maps and other travel applications to monitor traffic conditions in real time through artificial intelligence technology, but also for You provide the weather conditions for the implementation, so that you can better plan the route to appear. Especially for today's office workers, what they fear most is encountering "traffic jams", so real-time understanding of traffic and road information is particularly critical. There is also the self-driving technology of the current fire. In Mountain View, California, you can apply for self-driving cars to commute to get off work through Google’s sister company Waymo.

8. Banking

There are many ways to deploy artificial intelligence in today's banking system, and it is through it that is very helpful to the security of our transactions and the detection of fraud. For example, if you deposit a check by scanning your mobile phone and receive an alert of insufficient balance, you can log in to your online bank account to check, here is that AI will work behind the scenes. If you go to the store during lunch time to shop and buy new pants, the artificial intelligence will verify the purchase of this transaction to determine that this is a "normal" transaction, so as to prevent unauthorized people from using your credit card.

9. Amazon recommendation

When it comes to shopping, Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States, is another way many people are often exposed to artificial intelligence. The retailer's AI algorithm understands your preferences and purchase history, and then analyzes the products you like and recommends services through Amazon feeds. Amazon is very confident in its predictive analysis and algorithms, and even before you "click to buy", Amazon has already used its expected algorithm to ship products to you.


In the final analysis, whenever we want to relax, many of us choose mainstream media services such as Netflix. Netflix's recommendation engine is powered by artificial intelligence and uses your past viewing history to provide suggestions for content (including genre, actors, time period, etc.) you might want to watch. Its tools can be customized according to the time of day you watch and the content preferences you watch at that time. In fact, 80% of the movies we are watching are determined by Netflix recommendations.

In this way, without the help of AI, it is difficult to imagine how our daily life and work will become.

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