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Call for Contribution:

Focus: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With more than 1,300,000 clicks since August 2017, the DIGITAL WORLD medium has enjoyed an immense response. Every quarter we change our focus on current and exciting topics.

We are currently calling on experts to contribute with technical articles or blog posts on the subject of  artificial intelligence .
The following focal points are of particular interest:

  • Current application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Technologies and Autonomous Systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep learning
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement learning and planning
  • Game Theory and Multi-agent Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence for Security, Safety, and Social Impact
  • Search algorithms and optimization
  • Robotics

The DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY REVIEW has a worldwide readers community and reader contact us from around the world. The online distribution of an article on our website depends on the article itself, so the articles reach up to 8,000 experts. This means that an article that appears in print and online can quickly reach 20,000 readers . The editors decide on the use of a print or online article.

Guide to the publication of specialist articles and blog posts on DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY REVIEW:

There are only a few things to consider for your submission:

  1. Your technical or blog post meets the following requirements:
  • Blog post: opinion, comment, report with 700 plus words
  • Technical contribution: Well-researched background report / expert opinionScientific character.
  • Content orientation to the categories of the DIGITAL WORLD
  • Title with max. 60 characters including spaces
  • Written exclusively for DIGITAL WORLD
  • All graphics and images are free of rights
  • Does not contain any advertising, this includes naming and linking:
    • Products and companies
    • Events
    • Competitions
    • Sponsorship programs
    • Indicators that are not relevant in terms of content
    • etc...
2. CV and picture of the author:

To introduce you as an author we need:
  • Your full name
  • any academic titles
  • Position in the company (max. 40 characters)
  • Name of your company (max. 25 characters)
  • Portrait picture with min. 300 DPI resolution
  • CV with max. 300 characters including spaces

In return, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Your high-quality contribution will be published in our online portal of the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
  • The best contributions in AI world.
  • Support of a high reach through dissemination via social media
  • This service is free of charge for you

Please send us your complete documents using our online form ; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to your contribution with your expert knowledge.


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