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You might be having an article proposal or an idea about information technology then submit guest post to us.
Send us an email, and you never know you might be having an article published in this website.

We accept articles that must be relevant to Digital Technology Review audience, content of the posts must encircled around creativity. Post should provide value to the audience and it must also appeal to real techies.

Articles or Guest Post Requirement:

  • Recommended blog post need to be over 700 words
  • Include 2+ photos only those photos that you own
  • Unique ideas that stand out
  • One D 0 F 0 l l 0 w Permanent B @ c k 1 i n k
  • Articles that is not appealing to Digital Technology Review audience isn’t going to work.
  • Look through previously published articles to get a better idea.

We receive guest post submission requests every day.We evaluate and most of them we reject.Because of poor quality spun content just to get b @ c k l i n k. The types of content we love to accept are those which are well in detailed written, valuable to readers.
So for getting quality we have to provide better quality to our readers first.5G technology, AI Artificial intelligence, big data science, iot internet of things, robotics and cloud computing write for us are our core areas of expertise. 
artificial intelligence write for us
Although the core elements of good writing do not change, our  methodology is constantly evolving. We are preparing for 2022 and that expect peers and colleagues to collaborate, integrate quality information technology writing, use knowledge and skills to solve real problems. As a best cutting edge technology blog, we have a responsibility to give our audience the opportunity to explore, learn and create a variety of technology related information.We are here to give them the best advantage in a competitive world. Our goal is to provide Clear Touch with the best innovative articles to help readers succeed beyond class.

Let us know what you have for technology + “write for us” + guest post

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Please contact irfamerry (at)
If you have any questions or comments about our website, please fill out the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible. It is even faster if you tell us which department your request is intended for. We are happy to answer all your inquiries.

technology articles write for us

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Write guest posts on Digital Technology Review

Become a guest author on digitaltechnologyreview and publish your article!

The Requirements

Our requirements sound exaggerated to you. Nevertheless, these are necessary to ensure a consistently high quality on the website.

For this you get a high quality platform to find new readers for your blog.

First things first: Your content must be great!

Pure SEO articles are not accepted. Writing naturally — like from person to person — is important. A personal relationship with the readers is to be established.

You bring that with you

  • You have your own blog / website
  • You wrote excellent content on your website
  • You wrote guest posts on other websites

Guest article requirements

The content requirements for an article are as follows:

  • At the beginning, tell the readers what they are learning
  • In the end, briefly summarize the knowledge from the article
  • Include multiple images
  • Involve the readers
  • Show examples as often as possible
  • Include statistics if possible
  • Answer all relevant questions on the topic
  • Include quotes from experts if possible
  • Give the content a personal touch
  • Write a perfect headline
  • Your content must be detailed and unique

Requirements for the structure, language and style of the article

  • Include subheadings every 300 to 400 words
  • Include paragraphs that contain only two to three sentences
  • Write a really good first and last paragraph
  • Create short sentences with a maximum of one comma
  • Write a summary / conclusion
  • Use boldface for important statements
  • Use lists and enumerations
  • Use short words
  • Use the active writing style
  • Address the reader with YOU (“you”, “your”, “your”, “your”, “you”, etc. write SMALL)
  • Do not use the word “MAN”. Bad example “MAN can use the tool to …”. Better: “Use the tool to attach the board”.
  • the word “CAN” or “CAN”. Background: The reader can do a lot. It “should” or “must” however. Don’t be afraid to actively ask the reader. Bad example: “You can set up the tent on a tree so that you are protected from the rain.” Better and shorter: “Build the tent on a tree, so you are protected from the rain.”

Avoid the following things in your article

  • Repetition of sentences, combinations of words and content
  • Noise words
  • Phrases
  • Technical terms
  • Sayings
  • many adverbs and adjectives

Guest contributions are not accepted if the following criteria apply:

  • We do not accept articles with spelling or grammatical errors
  • If the article does not reflect the website’s opinion, it will not be published (e.g. call for pollution or destruction of nature, killing of living beings, actively asking to break laws)
  • The article must cover our topics: survival, bushcraft, outdoor, trekking, prepper, caving.

Delivery of articles

Do not send us an article without prior agreement!

Please deliver the articles in three formats: PDF, Word and plain text. Include the sources of the images so that we can understand that it is allowed to use them. Put everything in a ZIP file and send it to us.

You don’t need to integrate HTML, just mark lists, bold letters and headings as well as the places of the pictures and graphics in any way.

Legal information about the guest contribution

There is no guarantee that your article will be published.

With the publication of the article you make the following declaration:

Declaration on your images and content:
I hereby confirm, [your name] that I have all the necessary rights to the photos and content and expressly grant you, Martin Gebhardt, the rights to use the images and content for the guest post Issue survival compass. You may also advertise in the article and distribute it in your social media channels / e-mailing lists.

Would you like a guest article?

Contact us via email . We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

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